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Restaurant Vermell

New brand identity for the mythic restaurant located in Manresa.

The new management had a clear idea about the type of menu that they would serve, and after some user interviews and co-creating sessions, we defined also the image and digital strategy for the restaurant. This is a mythical place in Manresa for its history being one of the pioneer bars to offer alternative cultural proposals in the city, mixed with excellent food. That’s why we followed a fresh image combining classical illustrations of typical Mediterranean cuisine with new materials. A silkscreen printing menus and business cards, book markers to gift during Sant Jordi, and a complete “Red Experience”


To develop the website we waited some months after its opening, and talking with the costumers we detected the needs to do quick reservations, know a little bit more about this new family who manages the place and keeps knowing that this is, and will be, a place for innovation, culture and music.

With some prototypes made in Invision we came back to the same customers and validated every step to make sure we cover all their needs on the website.

That’s how we did the first step in progressive web apps with a skin design specifically for mobile with quick CTA, and a special effect in the tablet and desktop versions in which the users can discover the soul of the owners.